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The ArcInTex European Training Network (ETN) aims to strengthen the foundations of design for more sustainable forms of living by connecting architecture, interaction design and textiles in a training network for early stage researchers.

By deepening the connections between textile, architecture and interaction design the network explores new expression of living in an age of technological innovations through the design of adaptive and responsive environments connecting the scales of the body, the interior and the building.

13 Dec 2017

All senses touched when staging a smelly atmosphere

A different presentation, touching all the senses, was recently performed by two doctoral students within the

27 Oct 2017

Playing with smells

CROSSOVER BORÅS 2017, the 18th conference of the European Textile Network, ETN, took place on 12-19

19 Oct 2017

Meet our new PhD-student, Ana

Ana Ines Rodrigues is the newest PhD-student to join the ArcInTexETN programme. Ana is usually placed at